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Tjebbe Boersma on the Climate Forward Podcast Logo

Climate Pact, Nematodes and Japan.

Tjebbe is a European Climate Pact Ambassador of the first hour. For more than 4 years he has been active in the pact.
He speaks about the climate pact, his experience of living in Japan, working with local youth on mental health projects in The Hague, nematodes (tiny worms in our soil), reversing aging in mice, and his passion for photography.

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Communicating about climate change in a relatable way

Roberta Bosu is a European Climate Pact Ambassador. In her role as ambassador she focuses on ways to improve communication around climate change and make it more relatable.
Roberta also talks about her experience with the 30 days face challenge in Instagram, why she loves too good to go and her fascination with worm hotels in Amsterdam.

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Flora Spaeth

Replacing single use plastic trays in the horticulture industry

Flora Späth is a board member of Euro Plant Tray and an independent consultant for the horticulture industry.
In her role at Euro Plant Tray Flora she works on replacing the current single-use plastic plant trays with a reusable tray that is rented out, is fully recyclable and can last for 10, 20 and even 40 years. The members of Euro Plant Tray are some of the largest DIY stores and key players from the flower industry in Europe. When the system is introduced, it will save over 40,000 tons of plastic every year, equivalent to 220,000 tons of CO2.

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Samira I. Ibrahim

How to connect water, religion and sustainability

Samira I. Ibrahim is a European Climate Pact Ambassador, a Clingendael Institute Alumni and part of the Springtij crew. Next to being an academic scholar, her passion is interdisciplinary work where she combines her expertise from water management, theology, and international studies. Together these can unlock potentials that can be a massive force for positive change and are easily overlooked.

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Energy Globe Awards 2022 part 2: MPREIS and Take 3

Meet two winners of the Energy Globe Awards:
MPREIS from Austria has implemented the complete technical and organizational hydrogen value chain. Hydrogen is used to generate process heat and the operation of heavy fuel cell electric trucks.
Take 3 for the Sea is a global initiative from Australia that uses cross-border awareness raising and training to make young people aware of the upcoming environmental problems and they are motivated to behave in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Mansur Philipp Gharabaghi

The Climate Forward Podcast

Climate Forward explores how our society is reacting to the threat of climate change at political, business, and civil level. Every episode examines one specific topic related to sustainability. We discuss the political reaction in the EU and globally, the actions we see in civil society (ambassadors, NOG, activists), and how business take action.

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